Welcome to the Sligo Brass Music Website.

We are a group of Brass Musicians based in Sligo Town. Our aim is to promote the development and playing of Brass Music in Sligo County and the North West of Ireland.

We are looking for you!

If you played a Brass Instrument before our group allows you to further develop your musical skills and to play in a Brass Band.

Playing Brass Music is exciting, if you would love to play a Brass Instrument, our qualified and experienced Tutors can guide you through the wonderful experience that is music. You will be surprised what you can learn in a short time.

If you have finished school or with time on your hands why not get involved and learn an instrument. You are never too old to learn!

Contact us today.


The Family of Brass Music Instruments Includes

  • Trumpet Trumpet
  • Coronet Coronet
  • Tenor Horn Tenor Horn
  • Trombone Trombone
  • Baritone Baritone
  • Euphonium Euphorium
  • Tuba Tuba